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OOO "ARBI GRUPP" г.Sel'skaya mestnost' (PSRN 1027739017140, ITN 7710424310)

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Title and kind of activity

Full name Obshhestvo s ogranichennoj otvetstvennost'yu "ARBI GRUPP"
Short name OOO "ARBI GRUPP"
OKOPF help_outline 12300 Obshhestva s ogranichennoj otvetstvennost'yu
Kind of activity no

Founders help_outline

Kiryushin Maksim Leonidovich - share 10000.00 

Employees authorized to sign help_outline

Kiryushkin Maksim Leonidovich General'nyj Direktor

Register information

PSRN help_outline 1027739017140
ITN help_outline 7710424310
IEC help_outline 771001001
OKPO no data
PFRF help_outline 087103044978
FSS help_outline
SRO help_outline no data
Federal Tax Service help_outline Federal'naya nalogovaya sluzhba № 10 g. Moskva
Phone 0
Registered help_outline 25.07.2002

Legal information

Representatives help_outline Appoint a company representative
Treasury of Russia The company isn't listed in the register as an unfair supplier
Registered capital, rub. help_outline 10.00 rub.
Legal address help_outline no data
Address verification of Federal Tax Service help_outline Verification does not carried out
Accounting report help_outline Accounting was not available


The company is revoked by Russian Federal Tax Service
A founder or an employee who had signing authority was a founder or an employee of a previously revoked company
Share capital won’t provide liability
The company has not tax debts

Contact information

Actual address no data
Phone no data
Fax no data
Email no data
Website no data
Skype no data

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