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OOO "PTS" г.Krasnodar (PSRN 1102308000013, ITN 2308163788)

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Title and kind of activity

Full name Obshhestvo s ogranichennoj otvetstvennost'yu "PROMTEXSERVIS"
Short name OOO "PTS"
OKOPF help_outline 12300 Obshhestva s ogranichennoj otvetstvennost'yu
Kind of activity Specialized construction activities
Additional activities no data

Founders help_outline

Gryaznova Elena Valer'evna - share 3300.00 (33.00%)
Nazarova Anzhelika Valer'evna - share 3300.00 (33.00%)
Gryaznov Valerij Arkad'evich - share 3400.00 (34.00%)

Employees authorized to sign help_outline

Gryaznov Valerij Arkad'evich General'nyj Direktor

Register information

PSRN help_outline 1102308000013
ITN help_outline 2308163788
IEC help_outline 230801001
OKPO no data
PFRF help_outline 033013049879
FSS help_outline 230202557223021
SRO help_outline no data
Federal Tax Service help_outline Federal'naya nalogovaya sluzhba № 8 Krasnodarskomu krayu
Phone 0
Registered help_outline 11.01.2010

Legal information

Representatives help_outline Appoint a company representative
Treasury of Russia The company isn't listed in the register as an unfair supplier
Registered capital, rub. help_outline 10000.00 rub.
Legal address help_outline 350051, Krasnodarskij , Krasnodar , Stroitelej Ulica, 17
Address verification of Federal Tax Service help_outline Verification does not carried out
Accounting report help_outline Accounting was not available

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The company doesn’t hand in tax accounts
The company has tax debts
Share capital won’t provide liability
The company has been on the market for more than 5 years

Contact information

Actual address Krasnodarskij , Krasnodar , Stroitelej Ulica, 17
Phone no data
Fax no data
Email no data
Website no data
Skype no data

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